A Afrorganic é uma empresa que obtém matérias-primas de qualidade de África.

Manteiga de karité, mel de floresta tropical, manteiga de cacau, óleo de coco e café.



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Queremos integrá-lo na nossa equipa. Ao comprar diretamente na nossa empresa, significa basicamente que pode obter o melhor preço e estar a par dos novos produtos que planeamos lançar no futuro próximo.

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Raw Rainforest honey

Mel de floresta tropical cru

Feel the strength – You deserve to be healthy

Our wild, all natural, high-quality Rainforest honey from Ghana is high in antioxidants, cholesterol and fat free and contains digestive enzymes that make it perfect for consumption.
It can be used as a supplement and sweetener in beverages (you can add to smoothies, juices, or just warm water) and it will keep your immune system healthier and functioning better. By also adding to your food, it can help you eliminate allergies and protect you against colds and sore throats.
Feel the power with our wild Rainforest honey and improve your health, memory, brain power, balance your hormones and clear your skin.

Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Óleo de coco extravirgem

Our pure extra virgin coconut oil is 100% natural, sourced from a friendly family farm, natural, fairly traded. We export globally We cater for the Food / Cosmetic Industry and Medicine Industry.

Unrefined Sheabutter Grade A

Unrefined Sheabutter Grade A

Unrefined Shea Butter is 100% natural and is produced from the nuts of the Shea tree which is commonly found in parts of Western Africa like Ghana etc. Unrefined Shea Butter is often used in making skin and hair care creams and lotions. Shea butter is one of the best natural skin moisturisers in the world. Our Shea butter is certified as 100% organic and the Vegan certified number is 024567. Our shea butter has a long life span of 2 years . Recommend as Amazon Choices.

Unrefined Cocoa butter

Unrefined Cocoa butter

Unrefined Cocoa butter is produced from the kernel nuts of Coconuts tree which is commonly found in parts of Wester Africa Like Ghana. Our cocoa butter has a chocolate smell which gives it an extra kick mixing it with oils / shea butter etc.Cocoa butter is one of the best natural skin moisturisers in the world to use soften skin, moistures hair and skin.

Coffee Roast

Coffee 100% Arabica

We source our coffee from the main Arabica countries in Africa , the mother of coffee - Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi. In stock Geisha (Guatemala) Year Crop : 2017/2018 - Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia) Year Crop : 2018/2019