January 2022

January 2022


HNY to all our existing and future customers

Wishing you a Magical 2022

From the Afrorganic team thank you for your patience, support and understanding. As you are all aware we are living in unprecedented times, who would have thought the pandemic is 2 years old and counting.

Most small business globally have been affected by this but again without you the customer we won’t be here.

A big thank you to our loyal customers in Europe mainly from

+ France
+ Germany
+ Italy
+ Spain

We did receive your personal emails while most of our marketplaces on amazon was off line and you haven’t purchased any sheabutter from any one else. Thank you much appreciated. Brexit / Corvid / Logistics / Amazon has been an issue plus rebranding from sheabutterguys to Afrorganic we had to go through stringent checks via amazon for at least 5/6 months. We are happy to say we are back online hurray via an email some minutes ago.

We shall let you know when stock is online, thanks to our other customers in Europe.

+ Netherlands
+ United Kingdom

We are happy to start selling on

+ Canada
+ Mexico
+ United States of America

I know we have a few followers on IG from United States of America that have tried our unrefined shea butter and love it with a passion. Now you can buy as much as you want on Amazon. We are here to support you all and thank you for your support.Lets get back to be voted Amazon choices once again, a key note all this is to support our Farmers from the mother land to support there families also.

Without them we won’t have Shea butter / Coconut oil / Cocoa butter / Coffee even honey.

Another update coffee lovers

We have teamed up with stonyhillcoffee.co.uk
#bluemountaincoffee from #Jamaica

A taster for you coffee lovers we currently have 100 kg for sale

5kg bags / 10kg bags

Cost per kg
#ethiopianyirgacheffe #roastedbeans 

Lets make 2022 a magical year for all mankind, animals, environment, universe!

Blessings always from #AfrorganicTeam.