At Afrorganic we pride ourselves in sourcing raw products from Africa, Exporting and distributing to companies, small businesses in the UK, Europe, North America, Far East and much more.

We at Afrorganic (formerly known as Sheabutter Guys) are a company that sources the fine, raw materials from Africa. We pride ourselves on helping our farmers in different parts of Africa to be sustainable.

Why? We see Africa as the richest continent and still poor. We’ve been doing this for a while and we believe in our ethos so far. Helping the farmers & co-ops linking them with genuine buyers that care for the planet and the well-being of the farmers.

Split Coconut next to coconut oil and bowel of ground coconut

Without the farmers we won’t have the chocolates, shea butter products, the most expensive coffee in the world (Geisha), honey grown from the rainforest rich with antioxidants and much more.

We source products directly from farmers & cooperatives. We distribute for small various companies/brands creating their own product range.

We are certified with the Vegan society, Social Association, Fair Trade. Also partnered with Global Shea Alliance, Ghana Food Standards and much more.

The range of products we source range from sheabutter, rainforest honey, cocoa butter, coconut oil and coffee (Geisha coffee green beans, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe)

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